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Note:  NEW Email Address for Willow City Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc.
Effective June 1, 2024, the Willow City Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. Department will begin using a new email address.  Please update your contact information on us to include the new email address so that we can keep in touch:
Our mailing address remains 2553 Ranch Road 1323, Willow City, TX  78675 and our Phone Number remains 830-685-3376. 

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County Fire Departments
Coverage Area Map

Map showing Fire Departments approximate coverage areas within Gillespie County.

Map prepared by City of Fredericksburg.


Gillespie County is no longer under a Burn Ban - Effective Friday, October 6, 2023.
To read the local Burn Ban Release Notice, visit:
If traveling, make sure to prevent chains from dragging and touching the pavement.  If welding, then have a tank of water and/or a water hose hooked up and ready to turn on and have spotters with you.
Please be alert, be cautious, be safe, be well Everyone!  

Visit to see the Texas Outdoor Burn Bans in Effect today.

      In August 2022, was established in order to provide another form of communication with our supporters.  Not everyone uses Facebook these days!  We’ve established a reputation for handling our duties in an efficient and effective manner. We make sure to stay above any challenges facing our ability to put fires out quickly and medical/rescue response.  We work closely with the public who we serve to ensure that we all live in the safest environment possible, and we try to engage in better  and happier times when hosting our quarterly community outreach programs - February is the Pet Rabies Clinic, May is the Annual Auction, BBQ, and Prize Giveaway Fundraiser, October is the National Night Out & Fire Prevention Week Community Social, and December is the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays Community Social.  


Willow City Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. 
2553 Ranch Road 1323 
Willow City, Texas 78675
Phone/Fax: 830-685-3376 

Chartered on October 4, 1967, the department is composed of over 30 members who serve the area citizens of Willow City, Crabapple, Eckert, and Rheingold, serving the 335-square miles of northcentral and northeastern response area of Gillespie County, Texas, and providing mutual aid to adjoining Gillespie County areas and into Llano and Blanco Counties.  
The Willow City Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department regularly meets on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. at the station.  General membership business meetings on the first Thursday.  Training programs, recertifications, drills, etc. are offered on other Thursdays.  

Any resident in the response area who is interested in volunteering and joining the fire department, in training and responding to fires and/or medical emergencies, protecting lives and property in the community, is invited to attend the monthly first Thursday evening
business meeting, the weekly Thursday evening training sessions, and/or the scheduled work days/nights at the fire station.
The WCVF&R is a 501c4 all volunteer non-profit organization of firefighters, medical first responders, and auxiliary members. 

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